Brawl at child’s bday party at Chuck E. Cheese ending in arrests and 1 person shot

PUBLISHED: 19:27 EST, 18 March 2013 | UPDATED: 19:27 EST, 18 March 2013


A young Florida boy saw his mother arrested for his birthday after his party at Chuck E. Cheese turned into a massive 18-man brawl.

Besides his mother Briana Walker, a Robert Thompson and Alfred Peoples were also arrested on drug charges as well as defrauding an innkeeper.

The trio allegedly fled the restaurant without paying the almost $300 check.

Alfred Warren Peoples
 Robert Thompson

Alfred Peoples and Robert Thompson were both arrested on drug charges and for defrauding an innkeeper


WalkerHappy birthday: The birthday boy’s mother, Briana Walker, was also arrested



The fight began after two men exchanged words in the restaurant’s bathroom.

It escalated quickly, with men fighting in the dining room and even trampling the boy’s grandmother, according to WPBF.


Employees were able to get the fighters outside at which point several drove to a location nearby on Sixth Avenue to continue the feud.

chuck e. cheeseBrawl: The 18-man fight reportedly spilled into the dining room after starting in the restroom


chuck e. cheeseCelebrating: Investigators later found empty vodka bottles at the scene including several stashed in a diaper bag



Once there, one unidentified man shot a gun at a car, striking a passenger in the leg.

The shooter remains at large.

The unidentified victim’s injuries are not life threatening.

Upon searching the scene, investigators discovered several empty vodka bottles some of which had been hidden in a diaper bag.

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