Gow the Killer: 1931 documentary that influenced “King Kong”

Gow the Killer (1931)–1/7


Gow the Killer (1931)–2/7


Gow the Killer (1931)–3/7


Gow the Killer (1931)–4/7


Gow the Killer (1931)–5/7


Gow the Killer (1931)–6/7

Gow the Killer (1931)–7/7

Movie Details

  • Title: Gow the Killer
  • Running Time: 61 Minutes

Review Summary

Filmmaker and adventurer Edward A. Salisbury travels to the South Pacific islands to explore the primitive lifestyle of the ancient tribes who inhabit this scenic land in a breakthrough documentary featuring contributions by King Kong director Merian C. Cooper. From unfamiliar customs to a blood-drenched look at the tribes’ brutal hunts for human heads, the rites and rituals of these near-extinct peoples allude to a time before modern man had discovered the power of fire, and are explored in unflinching detail by filmmakers who risked their lives to bring this remarkable story to the silver screen. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi



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