Heartbreaking 911 call of two boys begging their mother to stay alive

PUBLISHED: 17:53 EST, 28 March 2012 | UPDATED: 18:10 EST, 28 March 2012

A heartbreaking 911 call recorded two young boys pleading with their mother not to die after a ‘crazy neighbor’ shot both of their parents in front of them, according to authorities. 

While their father, Tommy Brown, lay dead on their small basketball court in rural Hoke County, North Carolina, Thalia Mook was losing consciousness. 

‘Mom, are you gonna die?’ one of the boys asks his mother, as he is on the phone emergency dispatchers. 

Tommy Brown and Thalia Mook

Murdered: Tommy Brown and Thalia Mook, both 35, were killed by a neighbor while their children watched, according to police

‘I am,’ Ms Mook says. 

‘Mom, please don’t say that! Mom, I love you! Oh my God! Mom!’ the child replies. 

Then, later: ‘Mom! Mom, please hang in there, Mom! Oh my God! … Please, oh, please help! Mom! Mom!’

The dispatcher asks if his parents are still breathing, the boy says: ‘My mom is, but my dad is down.’

As Ms Mook begins to lose consciousness, the child begs her to keep awake. 

John Hill Jr, 48

Arrested: John Hill Jr, 48, was charged with first-degree murder

‘Mom, stay up, Mom!’ he pleads.

Then, as the call ends, the child is heard screaming hysterically: ‘Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom! Come back! Mom! Mom!’

Ms Mook was taken to the hospital, where she died. 

The horrific scene began Saturday afternoon when Mr Brown across the street to talk to his neighbor, John Hill Jr, 48. The man was shooting his high-powered rifle in the small community and Mr Brown asked him to stop because his children were playing outside, the Fayetteville Observer reported. 

Mr Brown went back to his home to play basketball with his two sons. 

Suddenly, Hill walked over with a .30-30-caliber lever-action rifle and shot Mr Brown in the back. He crumpled to the ground and did not move, according to police.

The boys ran inside to get their mother to help. When she stepped out the door, Hill shot her twice, before returning to his own home. 

Even in shock with their mother dying in front of them, the boys were able to name the man who killed their parents.

The dispatcher asks one of the boys if he knows who shot his parents. The boy responds: ‘He’s a crazy freaking neighbor at the corner.’

The 911 operator asks he the boy knows why he shot the child’s parents. 

‘No, he’s crazy. I don’t know what’s wrong with him,’ the boy says. 

When officers searched Hill’s home, they seized 10 guns, including the murder weapon, the Observer reported.

He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.



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