High school girls’ basketball coach forced to resign after writing a book confessing his ‘weakness for cleavage’


PUBLISHED: 11:11 EST, 3 September 2012 UPDATED: 11:15 EST, 3 September 2012

A high school girls basketball coach has been forced to resign after writing a book in which he confesses his ‘weakness for cleavage’, promotes promiscuity and encourages oral sex.

Bryan Craig, who is also a counselor at Chicago’s Rich Central High School, self-published the book – titled It’s Her Fault – billing it as a relationship guide to help women gain an upper hand with men. 

Craig also reveals in the book that he moonlights as a strip club bouncer which, he says, helps him manage his anger and be nicer to his wife. 


Dishing out advice: Bryan Craig has resigned as a high school girls’ basketball coach after his self-published book caused controversy. In the book, Craig confesses his weakness for cleavage and promotes promiscuity

One confessional in the book reads: ‘Even though I feel I’m beyond the highest caliber of men, I still have a weakness for cleavage.’


The graphic guide then goes on to give Craig’s opinions on the differences between the genitalia of women of different races. The physical differences mean that ‘Latin women have more children,’ Craig concludes. 


Scandalous: Craig also reveals in the book that he moonlights as a strip club bouncer which helps him manage his anger and be nicer to his wife

The married father from Illinois resigned Friday as the varsity coach. The district’s superintendent, Donna Simpson Leak, said Craig has been placed on leave from the school pending a district review.

In the forward to the book, Craig says his intention is to give women a guide to gaining the ‘upper hand in a relationship’ because he is tired of hearing them complain. 

The author explains his authority on the opposite sex comes from growing up surrounded by women, adding that he was raised by his mother and grandmother. 

Craig, who has a masters degree in counseling psychology from Lewis University in Romeoville, dishes out numerous nuggets of advice in the book. 

He reasons that women should have multiple lovers and offers advice on how they should perform oral sex.

Another assertion is that all men and women should be promiscuous before getting married. His advice for men? Make sure you marry a woman who loves you more than you love her. 

He also writes, ‘The easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem. Of course some will feel this is taking advantage, and yes it is. The ultimate goal for a man is to do all he can to eventually be able to commit and submit to a woman’s power.’

According to Amazon.com, the 60-page book was published Aug. 2 It is on sale for $11.95 and listed as a ‘self help’ and ‘personal growth’ book.


Damage control: Brian Craig, who is also a counselor at Chicago¿s Rich Central High School, has resigned as the girls’ basketball coach after admitting his ‘weakness for cleavage’ in a self-published book

Patch.com reports that Craig dedicated It’s Her Fault to his wife: ‘To my twin, my rock, my wife, Red’

Schools superintendent Leak said Craig has a right to free speech, but the district is concerned about the book’s content, and wants to make sure it doesn’t disrupt the school.

Craig has repeatedly declined to comment on the district’s action or the book.

School board member Cheryl Coleman said the book left her speechless. ‘It breaks my heart a little bit,’ she told the Chicago Sun-Times. 


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