Louisiana kid gets turned away from Stanford after being committed for months

Jontrey Tillman

West St. Mary (Baldwin, La.) DB Jontrey Tillman was informed over the weekend that he was denied admission to Stanford, despite a 4.0 GPA and 26 GPA…

Jontrey Tillman pledged his services to Stanford in June 2011, but he got an unexpected phone call over the weekend.

“Stanford called Jontrey at 5 P.M. Friday and told him he wasn’t accepted,” said West St. Mary head coach Ryan Antoine. “Their defensive coordinator had been here five times and the DBs coach was here last Monday.


“They said they want him, but they can’t question admissions or they will lose their jobs. I talked to Coach (David) Shaw on Saturday, and he said they can’t control admissions. He said it’s secretive.”


Antoine was perplexed.


“Jontrey is devastated,” he said. “This is a kid from a depressed socioeconomic environment who had been committed to Stanford since June. He turned down 20 scholarship offers and they tell him about this a week before National Signing Day?


“I read an article that said Barry Sanders has a 3.2 grade point average, and another commit has a 3.7. How do you explain that?”


Antoine says Tillman has the credentials: both academically and athletic-wise.


“He runs a 10.3 in the 100 and a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash,” stated Antoine. “Jontrey had 2,000 all-purpose yards as a senior with 5,000 over the past two years. He’s an icon in this community who has broken every school record.


“Jontrey didn’t want to play in the basketball game Friday night, but to show you what kind of kid he is, he did play and hit the game-winning shot against Jeanerette.”


Which schools are now in the mix?


“Houston is coming this week,” said Antoine. “June Jones at SMU is coming tomorrow. Indiana will be here Wednesday; Colorado will be here on Friday.


“I’m confused and frustrated. The coaches at Stanford had told me it’s a no-brainer that Jontrey was going to be accepted. Now I’m trying to get his name out there. He’s the hardest-working kid on this team. Jontrey only visited Stanford. He turned down other visits because he was committed to Stanford.” 




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