Naked man ‘smashes truck through Texas mall before breaking into store and putting on clothes’


PUBLISHED: 16:04 EST, 14 July 2012 UPDATED: 16:19 EST, 14 July 2012

A naked man ploughed his pickup truck into a closed shopping mall, mowing down kiosks before stopping and robbing a sport store, police said.

After smashing his truck through the mall’s glass doors Arthur Walker allegedly drove through the gates of a Champs Sports store.

The 35-year-old then leapt out his red Dodge pickup truck and dressed himself in the store’s clothing, including a pair of Nike Jordan sneakers. 


Arrested: Arthur Walker, 35, was naked when he ploughed his pickup truck into a closed shopping mall on Friday morning, mowing down kiosks before stopping and robbing a sport store, police said

The bizarre rampage unfolded at 7.30am Friday at the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas.


Police arrived and arrested Walker inside the clothing store. Sgt. Elliott Forge removed the Nike sneakers to return to the store before Walker was taken to a hospital for evaluation.  

‘I only took off the sneakers, because nobody wants to see him nude. We can at least return the sneakers,’ Forge told WFAA.


Smashed: Walker allegedly drove his red pick up through the glass doors of the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas; no one was injured in the incident which happened during closing hours


Loot: Walker allegedly smashed his car into this clothing store then leapt out the vehicle and dressed into their clothes; police arrested Walker in the store

Forge added that he believed the suspect was not in his ‘right mind’ and said that when they deal with people who are naked they are ‘usually under the influence of some kind of narcotic.’ 

Before the mall occurrence, Walker was involved in a domestic disturbance and left the home naked, police said. 

A woman called police shortly before 7.30am saying that a naked man had approached her car wrapped in only a blanket.


Taken off: Walker was taken to hospital for a medical evaluation. He is now in jail with no bond set

She told police he told her to get out the vehicle but she drove away. 

Police have not released the results of Walker’s medical evaluation. 

No-one was injured in the mall crash, which happened before the arcade opened its doors to customers. 

Walker was jailed without bond on a burglary charge. Dallas County Jail records list no attorney for him.

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