Police Accused Of Killing Unarmed Ex-NFL Player And Doctoring Tape Of Shooting


The family of Ex-NFL football player David Lee “Deacon” Turner accused police of shooting and killing him while he was unarmed and doctoring the tape to hide the evidence of the murder.

East Bakersfield police are being accused of shooting and killing an unarmed EX-NFL football player, David Lee “Deacon” Turner, at a local convenience store and then doctoring a video tape of the incident by the man’s family.

The East Bakersfield sheriff has responded to the allegations of evidence tampering telling local reporters he is insulted by the accusations.

As the video attached to this page shows however, the tape that was released by the sheriff office is missing the exact 5 seconds during which Mr. Lee was shot.

Originally the police claimed that originally stated that there was no video missing from the tape, according to reports from a local ABC news.

That story, the station points out now has now been changed to claim that the video camera was motion activated and since there was no motion during that exact 5 seconds that the shooting occurred the the video camera did not record at that time,

Turner’s family however, say they saw a surveillance video that shows the entire shooting and are filing a lawsuit against the police.

In a seperate report ABC news reports on the Sheriff’s response to the allegations.

Sheriff: Insulted, Offended By Evidence-Tampering Insinuation


David Turner’s Family, Attorney Question Surveillance Video Of Shooting

Christine Dinh – 23ABC East Bakersfield Reporter

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The attorney for David Turner’s family held a press conference today to announce their plans for a lawsuit and their reaction to the surveillance video released by the sheriff that has 5 seconds missing — the exact time Turner was shot and killed by deputies.

“I would ask you and your viewers to scratch their head in wonder that the most essential critical portion of that tape is missing. If that doesn’t lead you to believe there is something rotten in Bakersfield, nothing will,” said attorney Gerson Horn.

Turner’s family say they saw a surveillance video that shows the entire shooting.

“It does not show any seconds missing,” said Turner’s daughter Jerrica Cordova.Sheriff Donny Youngblood says he’s insulted by the insinuation.



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