Soulja Boy Suing Ex-Manager For Coercing Him Into A Bad Contract


Soulja Boy was nothing more than an ignorant 16-year-old when he skyrocketed to fame in 2007. But now, the rapper’s suing his ex-manager, claiming the guy took advantage of his naive teenage brain. More after the jump.

Soulja Boy filed the documents in Georgia Superior Court, claiming his manager/lawyer Philip Ransom coerced him into signing multiple contracts when he was just starting out, contracts that were “unconscionable, oppressive and unjust.”

According to the docs, the contracts included a management agreement that gave Ransom 5% of Soulja’s income, FOREVER relating to work the rapper completed while Ransom was his manager. Another contract allegedly gave 50% of all Soulja’s music copyrights to his record label, a deal the rapper now claims is “commercially unreasonable” and “contrary to music industry custom and practice.”

But in reality, Soulja’s just bitching because he didn’t read the fine print, the contracts Soulja signed ARE industry standard, some recording contracts even take 100% of the copyrights. Ransom denies the allegations, filing new legal docs claiming Soulja’s full of crap and still owes him money from their time together.

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