TASSILI (Algeria) ancient rock paintings

From mountain ranges of the Atlas to the North, to Sudan to the South, and from Egypt to the East, to the Atlantic Ocean to the West. With 8 million square kilometers, this desert is a really difficult place for any type of archaeological or scientific investigation. In 1933 an official of the mehariana policia, Brenans lieutenant, crossed in police functions the zone of the Tube of Tassili-n-Azyer and arrived at a denominated valley Ighargharen. Brenans discovered between…

The rocky walls everything an enormous painting group improbable (more than 5,000) done on the stone. Before his eyes there were representations of giraffes, gigantic elephants with the tube in stop, hipopótamos, animals and humanoides figures. But he was explorer Henri Lhote whom it presented the entire world this one finding Prehistoric Art in year 1.957. Henry Lhote classified the great amount of pictografías in twelve groups: – Beings of round head.

And horns of small size. – Devils. – Drawings of the average period with men of round head. – Men of evolved round head. – declining Period of the round heads. – Men of round head very evolved. – Period of the peace judges or terminal. – longilíneos white Men of the prebovidense period. – Hunters with corporal paintings of the old bovidense period. – bovidense Style. – Period of the cars. – Period of the mounted horses or the bitriangular men. Of all paintings most…

Amazing she is the one than one sees a species of diver with his complete suit and diving apparatus with grooves in his frontal part that reflects to have a clumsy movement giving the impression of levitar or flying tied to something by means of a long cable. To this drawing, of six meters of height, Henry Lhote the great Martian God called “”. Another very interesting painting is the one that was baptized as “the fluted woman” and represents a feminine figure (that seems is floating)…

With long arms extended backwards, towing to another being put of knees and bent towards ahead with indifferent gesture to the scene, whereas another one appears leaving a strange disc. Peculiarly there are many discs made in dierentes colors and all seem to be floating. Tassili has been declared by UNESCO like Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity and for some experts it is “the Sistine Chapel of the paleolítico”, with paintings that in some cases reach the 10,000 years of antiquity.

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