The world’s best traffic cop? Meet the officer who hasn’t had a single complaint from drivers in 20 years


PUBLISHED: 08:26 EST, 23 September 2012 UPDATED: 10:47 EST, 23 September 2012

Having people hate you comes with the territory of being a traffic cop. 

Telling disobedient drivers off and dishing out tickets every day is unlikely to make you the most popular of people.

Having been a traffic cop for 20 years, L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons is no doubt well aware of all the downsides and stereotypes of his job.


Mr Nice Guy: L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons has been issuing drivers with tickets for two decades but in all that time not one person has complained about him



How does he do it? Simmons modestly acknowledged that he must be doing something right and said, ‘It’s just how I do it every day¿

He knows that disgruntled drivers – often just irritated about getting a ticket – put in complaints constantly about traffic cops, which then get placed in the officer’s personal file.


Simmons’ own personal file is full. 

But incredibly, it is packed with commendations and over two decades he has not got one single complaint, reported CBS.

Of the last 25,000 traffic stops he has made, not one person has complained about him. 

His boss, Capt. Pat Maxwell, couldn’t believe it when he first discovered that Simmons had a zero record. 

‘I mean, Vegas or M.I.T could not give you the odds of the statistical probability of that,’ Maxwell told CBS. 
















Still smiling: Despite having just been issued with tickets by Simmons, these drivers still like him 



Happy customer: Clutching her ticket in her hand, this woman says she’s never been so happy to get a citation in her life



Simmons modestly acknowledged that he must be doing something right but told the station, ‘It’s just how I do it every day.’ 

Determined to discover how he’s got his incredible record, CBS trailed the cop on the road for a day and witnessed how, even after Simmons slammed them with a ticket, drivers were left smiling not scowling. 

While still asserting authority, Simmons ensures that he treats people on his level and doesn’t act superior to anyone. 

‘One thing I hate is to be looked down on – I can’t stand it – so I’m not going to look down at you,’ he explains. 

One woman stopped by Simmons told CBS that she had never been so happy to get a ticket in her life. 

While another man cited by Simmons, Mike Viera, pinpointed his smile: ‘He’s got a great smile. He’s a nice guy. How could you be mad at that guy?’

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