Wonders of the African World – Episode 3 & 4 – The Slave Kingdoms & The Holy Land

The Slave Kingdoms

Gates Travels through the old kingdoms of Asante and Dahomey in modern Ghana and Benin to unravel the real story of the transatlantic slave trade. From Slave castles on the coast to royal courts in the interior, he finds both pride in these powerful African kingdoms, and discomfort about the source of their wealth and power.

The Holy Land

For over 1600 years, Ethiopia was a Christian kingdom, whose rulers traced their lineage back to Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Gates’ journey takes him to rock-hewn churches, mountain monasteries and royal shrines; and on to Aksum, birthplace of an ancient civilization, and home, the Ethiopians believe, to the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

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