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Since the dawn of humanity, perhaps millions, hundreds of thousands, or around 6 thousand years, (depending on what scientific, spiritual, esoteric, or religious school of thought you come from) we’ve been on this landmass we today called planet earth. Our physical remains can be found on every continent from ancient times to now, because we’ve traveled all over earth, populating every continent. From primordial man and woman, to now, we’ve gone through many changes physically, mentally, and spiritually. We’ve worn many labels as a group of people, some of which placed on us by other groups, along with those names we chose to call ourselves. African, black, colored, African-American, Afro-American, Moor, Negro, Moslem, Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Kushite, Nubian, Kemetian, Ethiopian, Hatian, Jamaican, west Indian, 5 percenter, Asiatic, Ethiopian, Ta-setian, and Hispanic, are a few names used to describe us. For those of us who are a part of the so called “black conscious community”, such labels have been a source of division. For every one of the above listed labels, there is a particular history, ideology, or belief system that accompanies it. In a lot of cases, these things impede the process of us building and solving current problems, because person x thinks that their label’s ideology is the correct way to deal with a particular issue, so they can’t work with person y. This is why I decided to launch originalpeople.org.

The goal of Originalpeople.org is to provide an online community for those people who are for the global uplifting of the black community. Whatever label you choose to use to define yourself, one thing we should all agree on, is that we are suffering as a people globally. Whether it be record incarceration, diseases, and violence in the inner cities of America, earthquakes in Haiti, genocide, theft of resources, and aids in Africa, racial discrimination in France, India, and China, our people continue to live in harsh conditions. The purpose of this site is to educate you, provide a place to network, and develop solutions to the global pandemic of our people. Now is the time for us to band together and develop a united front in order to solve the problems at hand. We can each have our own religious and ideological beliefs. But poverty, murder, rape, starvation, discrimination, and other serious issues, are all things that we can agree to work towards eradicating. While we argue and debate over beliefs, another urban male is sent to prison, another single mother’s house is getting foreclosed on, another child in Africa dies of aids, homeless Africans are dragged in the streets by the police, and on, and on. It’s time to wake up, put the bickering aside, and solve some problems, one neighborhood at a time. I call on everyone who joins this site to accept this challenge. Be an instrument for change.

Another thing I would like to add. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AT THE DOOR WHEN YOU COME INTO THE ORIGINALPEOPLE.ORG WEBSITE! Whatever religious beliefs you have are your personal business. Originalpeople.org is a community that is built on PROVEN HISTORICAL FACTS. This is not a site where we discuss or debate about characters in religious texts. If you choose to believe in religious texts then that’s your personal business, but please leave your BELIEFS at the door.

Lastly, please don’t bring any UFO conspiracy theories or supernatural information to this website. If you choose to believe in those things, then that is your personal business. However, this site is not a UFO conspiracy site, so please do not present any of that sort of information to our community.


Ron – OriginalPeople.org Owner

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