Andaman Islands – Jarawa tribe

Contact with the Jarawa tribe
West coast, Great Andaman Island, 1993 

The Jarawa seem to be very excited about the visitors and eagerly swim towards them. 

A lively communication sets in between the visitor from neighbouring Nicobar island and the Jarawas. The visitor has obviously managed to gain the friendship of the Natives. 

In the hard jungle life of a hunter-and-gatherer tribe, physical fitness is a matter of survival. Overweight would be as much as a death-sentence. The Jarawas express their curiosity and amusement towards the overweight visitor in grabbing him repeatedly. 

Accompanied by a large groupe of Jarawas, the outside visitors are welcomed in the settlement of the tribe. Since the making of this film in the year 1993 the relation between the Jarawas and outside visitors has increasingly deteriorated. After around 2004 the Jarawa have returned to their old way of life but maintain a distant but not hostile (as long as they are not pressed) attitude to the Indian population outside their reservation.

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