Black Ex-Democrat: Why Liberalism Destroys Black America

Posted on August 24, 2013
Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory on what’s behind Free at Last PAC and why he believes liberalism has nearly destroyed black America.

VAN SUSTEREN: Very well. So what was the big impact on you politically? Why did you suddenly think that black — that conservatism was better for African-Americans?
GUILLORY: Well, values. I believe that black Americans are much more inclined toward values than their voting records with the Democrat Party would indicate. So we are trying to get the message out to black communities and to the community at hold — at whole about these values.
VAN SUSTEREN: You also — there’s one part where you’re quoted when you’re talking about — about those particular values, you say, “But somehow, the Democratic Party has created the illusion that their agenda is what’s best for black people, and we intend to shine the light of truth on that falsehood.”
How is the Democratic Party, in your opinion, able to do that?
GUILLORY: I think it’s a combination of things. The Republican Party from its outset, from it conception, was the party of freedom and of equality. And that was true even into the 1950s. That was true in the 1960s. They’ve been our good, good friends.
I think that they sat back and let Democrats start to project us, to portray us as something that we are absolutely not. And that is a lie. We have, unfortunately, stood by and permitted them to do that. We haven’t told the truth about our long-time history of Civil Rights warriorhood. So we’re going to tell the truth about our history and we’re going to tell the truth about our present.
VAN SUSTEREN: Has President Obama been an inspiration to the African- American community?
GUILLORY: No. Not an inspiration. I think that he has been, unfortunately, an icon. His policies have been overlooked. They are not analyzed, they are not criticized because of the color of his skin. That is unfortunate — an unfortunate fact of black America.
We are going to discuss and dissect those policies. And we’re going into the black community and take the message that these are policies that are terrible for us.
VAN SUSTEREN: And what kind of response are you getting in the African-American community when you go into the community and say these — you know, that these are the Republican values, these are more in line with you?
GUILLORY: So far, we’re getting a very positive response. We’re a couple of months into our operation. Only a month ago, we created the PAC —, and it is going to help us take that message into the black community.
And while we are there, we’re not only going to deliver the message that we are the party of values and that the other party is the party of disappointment, but we’re going to recruit leaders and candidates who can run for and win elections and represent our people better than the Democrat representatives that we have now.
VAN SUSTEREN: Senator, thank you, sir. I love the state of Louisiana. I always have fun when we’re there. Spent a lot of time there during Katrina, which was not so fun but very important times. Thank you, Senator.
GUILLORY: Thank you very much.

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