DNA Analysis of Mummy Pharaoh Rameses III Confirms Black African Ancestry

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DNA Tribes Digest for February 1, 2013: Ramesses III and African Ancestry in the 20th Dynasty of New Kingdom Egypt
This month’s article features a geographical analysis of autosomal DNA from two ancient
individuals: the pharaoh Ramesses III and another individual (possibly Ramesses III’s son
Pentawer), who lived more than 3,000 years ago during the 20th Dynasty of Egypt (during the
Bronze-Iron Age transition).
A previous issue of DNA Tribes® Digest identified African related ancestry for King Tut and other
royal mummies from the Amarna Period. In this issue, results indicate that the later pharaoh
Ramesses III also inherited alleles that are most frequent in present day populations of Sub-
Saharan Africa. This provides additional, independent evidence of Sub-Saharan African
ancestry (possibly among several ancestral components) for pharaonic families of ancient Egypt.

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