Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution:Black Conservative Civil Rights Documentary

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About This Film:

At the 2005 Liberty Film Festival in October we premiered a marvelous new documentary produced and directed by Nina May entitled, “Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution” about the historical role of the Republican Party in ending slavery and supporting the Civil Rights Movement. And we’re thrilled to report that this film just won top prize at the Noir Film Festival, the most prestigious black film festival in America.
As Nina tells us: “The timing of the film to be shown on the weekend that Coretta Scott King would lie in state in the Georgia State Capitol, was a vivid reminder of the incredible sacrifices of brave men and women to secure equal and protected rights for all Americans. Her niece, Alveda King, who is featured in the film, had been scheduled to attend and speak [at the festival] on behalf of the film.”
Others who were featured in the film and attended the festival to answer audience questions were Star Parker, Mason Weaver, Rev. O¹Neal Dozier, Rev. Bill Owen, and homeless activist, Ted Hayes – who introduced the film, along with Larry Elder, at the Liberty Film Festival. The Noir Festival audience fielded pointed questions which elicited passionate responses from the panel. Rev. Bill Owen told of marching with Dr. Martin Luther King and recalled vividly the discrimination he experienced as a result of his skin color. Others like the Rev. O¹Neal Dozier shared that as a self-proclaimed Republican he experiences philosophical discrimination from the Democrats and from those who insist that all black should stay on the liberal plantation. Ted Hayes reminded everyone of the roots of both parties and said if he goes back to the foundation of the Democratic Party, he is a slave – but if he goes back to the foundation of the Republican Party, he is a free man.
All of the participants had a unique perspective, illustrating that black Americans are not monolithic and cannot be classified based on the color of their skin. Producer Nina May of Renaissance Women Productions says, “as we celebrate the history of the incredible accomplishments of blacks in America, in spite of insurmountable obstacles and opposition, we are reminded of that spirit of sacrifice, integrity, courage and wisdom as we also mourn the death of Coretta Scott King.” She went on to say that “Dr. Martin Luther King¹s dream has been realized, but not the way he envisioned it. Blacks are being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin – but the judgment is harsh if they choose to embrace conservative philosophies, or join the Republican Party.”
Associate Producer Tricia Erickson said, “I can¹t imagine that Dr. King would not be proud of the appointments and accomplishments of people like Sec. Rice, General Powell, and Justice Thomas. But blacks today who honor them are vilified as being Uncle Toms or sell-outs.”

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