ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Thinks Roger Goodell Is A Dad To Fatherless Black NFL Players

Colin Cowherd has some interesting views when it comes to fatherhood. Back in November of last year, Cowherd went on a strange rant about Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, and how Wall’s lack of a father meant that he probably wasn’t cut out to run an NBA team.

The comments touched a nerve, since a) Wall’s father is dead, and b) there was some perceived race-baiting in Cowherd’s previous criticisms of Wall (who is black, and who Cowherd criticized for doing “The Dougie,” a distinctly black dance move, during a game). So the “You don’t have a dad, so you can’t lead” thing was the last straw for some people.

Well, it would appear that Colin Cowherd, professor of sociology, is back at the microphone. And this time he has a theory about Roger Goodell and NFL players who don’t have dads.

Cowherd references a column by CBS’ Gregg Doyel, in which Doyel compares the NFL commissioner to a strict father and refutes the claim by some players and media outlets that Goodell purposely disciplines black players more than white ones.

Cowherd then takes the column and uses it as a jumping-off point for this argument: since 3 out of 4 NFL players are black, and since 71% of African-American men grow up without fathers (I’m not sure where Cowherd got this figure from, but according to the Census Bureau, 56 percent of black children lived in single-parent families in 2004), and since star football players don’t get told what to do in high school and college, the NFL is the first time some of these guys have ever had a dad. Which, based on Cowherd’s logic, would mean Roger Goodell, who looks like a much bigger version of Bobby from The Brady Bunch, is a dad to roughly 1,017 black NFL players.

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