Gay Men Barred From Joining AKA, Inc. Threaten to File Discrimination Lawsuit

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There may be a big lawsuit in preparation against the oldest and most renowned sorority founded for African American women.

Men interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, also known as MIAKAs, are threatening to file a lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., a sorority founded at Howard University on Jan. 15, 1908. The group of men, whom all are homosexual, are alleging homophobia and gender discrimination by the sorority.

News of MIAKAs first surfaced a couple years ago when men founded an unofficial chapter of AKA at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.

Members of the Greek community were shocked when the Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKI presented photos of men adorned in pink and green and pearls, while throwing up their “pinkies.” People were even more shocked to learn the chapter had even filmed a probate show with sounds of the sorority’s famous call “skee wee” being heard in the background.

As the world is becoming more accepting of the LGBT community, MIAKAs may have a legitimate case. On Wed. May 9, Barack Obama made history by becoming the first president to officially endorse same-sex marriage.

A person alleging to be a member of MIAKA recently took to Twitter to speak out.

Twitter user PrHIceless Kombo @I_Sustain_Klass wrote, “S/O TO ALL THE MADE MIAKAS 4RM PHI AND I DARE A B**CH TO TRY IT TONIGHT…… TRY ME 2NIGHT!……#IdareU”

We’re not too sure how we feel about this one. Is it homophobic and discriminatory for Alpha Kappa Alpha to deny homosexual men from joining? Sound off below.

Watch a miAKA Probate Below

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