Jackson State football team allegedly involved in shooting death of Atlanta student Nolan Ryan Henderson


JACKSON, Miss., (Clarion-Ledger) — The weekend shooting death of a Jackson State student occurred at a party for out-going JSU football players and more than a dozen players allegedly beat Ryan Henderson before he was shot, said the victim’s mother.

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Sanya Henderson said football players “jumped” her son, Ryan, three times Saturday night at the Palisades Apartment before he was shot in the face and killed, information she obtained from students who were at the party.

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Jackson Police Department officials, who had not made an arrest or found a motive Monday, did not give Sanya Henderson any news in the investigation this morning. She did say that JPD has interviewed  some football players.

“They are doing very little with the football players,” she said. “They have only interviewed two of those players. They’re saying they can’t get the entire team down here to question them. I don’t know why.”

JSU football officials and school administrators did not immediately comment.

Sanya Henderson is expected to meet Tuesday afternoon with Jackson State officials, including football coaches, the athletic director and the university president, she said. Sanya Henderson said Jackson State met with football players Sunday morning about the incident.

“They’ve been told to be hushed mouth,” she said.

Several Jackson State players did not comment when reached. But it’s clear that football players gathered for a pool-side barbecue Saturday at the Palisades in celebration of out-going football players, according messages posted on Twitter, a popular social networking site. Snapshots of players’ twitter messages can be found beneath this story.

Renty Rollins, a senior tight end last season, posted a photo at 7:48 p.m. Saturday of himself, former QB Casey Therriault, running back Tommy Gooden and former JSU running back Demario Pippen, the Palisades Apartments clearly in the background.

On Sunday morning, Donovan Robinson, a senior defensive end last season, mentioned Rollins in this Twitter message, posted Sunday at 11:57 a.m.: “@Rent_Ro man the lord was with us last night and u had a angel over yo head….blessed.”

Also Sunday morning, John Moore, a current linebacker, posted this on Twitter: “Glad I decided to go to alcorn yesterday because I kno I woulda been over there.”

Sanya Henderson’s appearance on WJTV Monday night, calling out the football players as “cowards” who beat up her son, created a firestorm on Twitter. JSU students and fans split – some defending the football team and using the hashtag #JusticeForJSUfootball, while others criticized players and used #JusticeForRyan.

Ryan Henderson’s brother, 17-year-old Damien, used Twitter lash out at the team. The screenshot of Damien’s post is below, along with other Twitter shots.

Click to enlarge the screenshots.

Damien Henderson’s post on Twitter.

Renty Rollins’ post on Twitter about the party at the Palisades.

Former tight end Josh Tiller’s post on Twitter about the pool-side party.

Current linebacker John Trey Moore’s post about going to Alcorn instead of the party.

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