Mississippi A Self Portrait 1966: Documentary about racism in the state

Mississippi A Self Portrait 1966


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NBC News
Frank McGee
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Video Documentary [Long Form Specials/Datelines, etc.]
NBCUniversal Media, LLC.
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This 1966 NBC News special report portrays the attitudes of white Mississippi residents at the height of the tumultuous Civil Rights era. Appearing in the documentary is Booker Wright, an African American waiter who speaks openly about the racism he faces. While his appearance in the original documentary is brief, his story would become the centerpiece of a 2012 Dateline NBC documentary called “Finding Booker’s Place.” This full and unedited version of “Mississippi: A Self Portrait” contains strong language that may be offensive to viewers. The Dateline NBC documentary, “Finding Booker’s Place,” can be found on NBC Learn by searching the title or clicking on the link on the back of this CueCard.


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