NYPD Accused Of Discrimination With 'Secret List' Barring Blacks From Promotion


The NYCLU has filed a federal complaint accusing the NYPD of having a “secret list” barring black officers from being promoted within the department’s Intelligence Division.

The complaint, which specifically refers to Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen and Assistant Chief Thomas Galati, alleges that the list has prevented black officers from receiving the salaries they deserve.

NY1 received a copy of the complaint which said:

…the NYPD has chosen to cloak promotions in secrecy and give the all-white high level supervisors who run the Intelligence Division unfettered discretion to handpick white detectives for promotions over more qualified African American detectives.

The 600 person intelligence unit currently has only 35 African-Americans, none whom rank higher than the level of sergeant. Of the 161 sergeants, only 8 are African-American.

For detectives, salaries resulting in promotions see a $30,000 per year difference, plus an extra $15,000 per year in pension payments.

In November, a similar complaint was filed when a retired Hispanic detective sued the NYPD’sNarcotics Division because when compared to his white colleagues, he and other Hispanic employees failed to receive promotions, overtime, and favorable assignments.

The NYCLU has long been a watchdog for the NYPD, specifically in regards to racial profiling. The civil liberties group has routinely called for an end to the department’s controversial stop-and-friskpractice because they believe the tactic unfairly targets innocent blacks and latinos.

In December, the NYPD caused an uproar when it was revealed that several officers had created a disturbing Facebook group “No More West Indian Parade Detail” where the officers referred to paradegoers as “animals” and “savages.”

The NYCLU actually defended the officers though, stating their First Amendment rights “come into play not only when we like what they have to say, but also when they say obnoxious, disgusting and hateful things.”




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