Obama Ignores Black Child at historic gun control speech


Here is a video of what happened. You can watch the ENTIRE VIDEO by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. Please leave your comments on how you feel about this!!!


Posted on January 16, 2013 by Joyannaadams


Nobody Wonders

How in the world could ‘President’ Obama do it? He PURPOSELY ignored the minority in the room today at his great “I’m saving the children from guns!” executive order ceremony.
There he was…the innocent little black boy, the boy who wrote a letter to the President to plead for Obama to save him and all his brothers and sisters from those mean people clinging to their guns and religions—-standing tall….waiting for the President to talk about what he had put in his letter.
After all, there were four children behind the President and he praised…only three.  Obama did NOT read from the little black boy’s letter, and Nobody Wonders why?  As he praised each child, and made them raise their hands, so that everyone could know who they were. Obama proudly read from their letters and each parent beamed with pride. Every white child got to be praised by the President.
Obama and black boy
And the little black boy waited patiently for the President to say his name.. but he never did.
All three children were praised…Obama pointed them out, made them wave to the crowd…so, why did he not praise the black boy? After all, he was the only black boy up there…the rest of the children were white? Was he just there to put a black boy in the picture? Why was he ignored?
Could it be? Obama is racist? He IS half white you know. What other explanation is there?
My heart broke to see the shock in the little black boy’s face…the President had..ignored him in front of the whole country.
Shame. What would Lincoln have done? I bet President Lincoln would have praised that boy first!
Still, this Nobody Thinks it pales the other big blooper he made. While listing his intentions of how he plans to control violent behavior, one intention really stuck out—-Obama said we must make sure that people don’t sell guns to criminals. So, therefore, by his own law, by his own executives order: Obama should be arrested.Obama and guns two
He should be arrested, immediately,…without delay.
It was Obama that approved the Fast and Furious CIA operation that sold guns to the Mexican drug lords…guns which have killed over 40 people to this date. And Eric Holder should also be arrested.
Can the taxpayers really afford an impeachment? I think NOT. No! If this is a government “by the people, for the people,” than by all means, if a President can ignore the Constitution, and break the law, and our Congress does nothing to uphold the law, then why can’t “We the People” make a citizen’s arrest?
Nobody Wonders.
Nobody also Wonders if the American press will even notice these two big blunders made by our “President” on such a historical day. And more importantly what it means?
Does he really not care about the black children? Does he really care about our right to bear arms?
As my white mama always said: Actions speak louder than words.
But then again, if you didn’t catch amfortas’ comment yesterday, he said it best:

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Watch entire speech below. Incident occurs between the 8 minute mark till about 10 minutes into the video below.

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