Plano, Texas will elect first black mayor in city's history Saturday

by TERESA WOODARD  WFAA      Posted on May 6, 2013 at 10:16 PM    Updated today at 10:56 PM
PLANO — Onlookers might call it historic, but the candidates really don’t.
Plano will elect its first African-American mayor on Saturday; both candidates on the ballot are black.
“From a historical standpoint, I see myself not so much as first, but as being next,” said Harry LaRosiliere, referring to a long line of mayors before him who successfully guided the city.
His opponent, Fred Moses, said he sees it as “probably noteworthy.”
“We have two good candidates,” he said.

It is proof, they agreed, that Plano has become a diverse city. Both said demographics prove that: 58 percent of Plano’s population is Caucasian, 17 percent Asian, 15 percent Latino, and 8 percent African-American.
“Plano’s diversity is actually one of its greatest assets,” LaRosiliere said. “If you look at the multicultural fabric of this city, it’s a wonderful thing to see.”
It’s not the same Plano that these candidates moved to years ago; LaRosiliere arrived in 1994 and Moses in 1970.
“A lot of us, our kids grew up here, enjoyed each other’s company,” moses said. “Kids are a lot more accepting. They taught us acceptance. They don’t care about color.”
Early voting ends Tuesday. Both candidates report high early turnout. The election is Saturday.

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