Police seize eight pounds of marijuana from home of Bengals WR


Police seize eight pounds of marijuana from home of Bengals WRA 2.5-pound shipment of marijuana was seized at the home of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson(notes) on Wednesday.

Bengals tackle Anthony Collins(notes) was with Simpson at the Crestview Hills, Ky., house when police confiscated the package. A spokeswoman for the California Department of Justice said police tracked the shipment from California after a two-day investigation.

A woman, Aleen Smith, signed for the package before police swooped in. Simpson gave consent for authorities to search his home, where they found six additional pounds of marijuana and paraphernalia including “packaging materials, scales and smoking devices.”

Simpson and Collins were detained but not arrested. The case will be addressed by the Kenton County (Ky.) Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday.

The head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a government-funded organization that coordinates marijuana enforcement, told Californiawatch.org that the home was set up as a distribution network. “They had it all set up to receive supplies of high-grade marijuana from Northern California, and from there, it was being distributed from that residence,” Tommy LaNier told the website.

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Simpson had a career-high 146 yards receiving in Cincinnati’s loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Collins, an offensive lineman, did not play in the game.



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