Rap Artists Go After Atlanta Mega-Church Pastors Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar In Controversial Video

By CrownRights  |  Posted February 21, 2012  |  Atlanta, Georgia

Two Christian Rap Artists, “IV His Son” and Jovan Mackenzy, in partnership with online production company CrownRightsMedia.com have made a video that is going all over the Christian community and causing quite a stir. In the video IV His Son and Jovan Mackenzy are seen standing in front of the popular mega churches of two controversial Atlanta pastors, Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar.

IV asks the listener if they are supposed to follow these men, despite all the problems with their “prosperity Gospel” and sexual accusations or are they supposed to follow the Bible.


Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar have been in the news recently. Eddie Long was recently the subject of a viral video where he was crowned king and lifted up on a throne in his church as a way to reinstate him for ministry after the accusations of sexual relations with some younger boy interns. He later renounced the actions of his church.


Creflo was also at the center of controversy when after Eddie Long’s allegations came to surface, he rebuked attendees of Eddie Long’s New Birth Ministries for attending his own church, World Changers, and demanded that they go back to New Birth.


When asked about the reason he made the video he said, “I hope that people will learn not to take everything their pastor says as truth, but be as the Bereans who didn’t blindly take the Apostle Paul’s word for it, but examined everything he said with Scripture.”


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