Sex offender gives kids piano lessons for yrs.

 Robert Henry Green photo


registered sex offender was arrested Monday after giving piano lessons to children for years.

Officers in DeKalb County arrested Robert H. Green after his music student’s parent found the 55-year-old on the Georgia Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry. Rina Buckner told Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri she hired Green to give her 15-year-old daughter lessons after meeting him through a friend.

“He puts on recitals, and you know, goes around, and he’s pretty well known,” Buckner said.

After one lesson, Buckner said Green bought her daughter a piano stand and other items. She said he offered the teen work as a teaching assistant, but Buckner got suspicious when he asked if she could accompany him to play piano during a day trip to Athens.

“I said, ‘Let me look him up because I need to investigate and see who this guy really is,’” Buckner said.

She discovered Green pleaded guilty to child molestation, aggravated sexual battery and giving alcohol to a minor in 2009.

“My jaw hit the floor,” Buckner told Napier Viteri.

Her daughter, Chemani Baxter, added Green’s behavior seemed strange at times.

“The first thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the text messages he was sending me at inappropriate hours,” Baxter said.
In one text, Green wrote, “I’m in Athens Georgia now. I wish you were here.”

Buckner said she called the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office and Green’s probation officer to report the violation. She said other children went on day trips with Green, and she wanted to warn other parents.

“You can’t really trust anyone you need to really see who’s around your children. Ask questions,” she added.

Green is facing charges for violating his probation, which bans him from contact with minors. Buckner said he told authorities he taught music to senior citizens, not minors.

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