Slave Catchers & Slave Resisters (history channel documentary)

slave catchers and slave resistance, from the colonial era through the Civil War and its aftermath. Slavery was built on a brutal system of slave policing–enforced by armed community patrols, paid slave catchers, and federal law. And most of us think that slave catchers were always successful. But the bounty hunters’ bloodhounds occasionally lost against the intelligence and courage of the enslaved. In the North, slave catchers were sometimes defeated by an organized–and armed–free black community. Using recreations, archival material, and scholar interviews, we hear stories of actual slave catchers and fleeing slaves that have never before been portrayed on film. Through the hunter/prey lens of time, these stories demonstrate that within the darkness, there was also light. For even when freedom seemed no more than an illusive dream, the enslaved and their supporters struggled for the day when America could be America…for all its people.

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