Teacher Accused Of Soliciting Teen Boys For Sex Still In Jail

Darrin Miller

MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) – Sheffield High School teacher, 24-year-old Darrin Miller, appeared in court Thursday, November 17, 2011, charged with trying to lure teen boys into his car, offering money for sex.

Miller traded in the stage for the screen on Thursday as the theater teacher was arraigned by video, facing multiple charges of solicitation of a minor with the intent to rape.

Barbara Hodges, the mother of Sheffield student Cordarius Hodges spoke with abc24.com.

“It’s hard out here,” said Hodges. “It’s just hard to even see him on the news and to be here at Sheffield and him be your child’s teacher.”

15-year-old Cordarius has theater with Miller every day, but the last few days have been different.

“He wasn’t there two days straight,” Cordarius told abc24.com.

That’s because police arrested Miller Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at his apartment in downtown Memphis. Daniel Brown works across the street from Miller’s apartment, he was in a meeting when the arrest happened.

“They were like, hey look out the window” Brown told abc24.com. “There were police cars, it looked like there was one undercover guy and two police cars.”

Police believe Miller is the man in the purple car they’ve been searching for. Five boys, ages 13-years-old to 17-years-old all had similar stories. They said a man stopped them on their way to school and offered money for sex. In several cases the victims told police the man held a sex toy to his mouth and simulated oral sex. They identified his car as a purple Chevrolet with a missing hubcap.

Brown saw police take Miller’s car.

“It was a purple Chevy Cobalt with bad hubcaps,” said Brown.

Police told abc24.com a sex toy was found inside.

April Wade, another Sheffield high teacher was arrested in October, 2011, accused of having a sexual relationship and living with a 17-year-old student.

“I think they’ve got some hiring issues at Sheffield High School, or MCS, one or the other,” Brown told abc24.com.

Hodges doesn’t feel safe with her son at Sheffield anymore.

“Sheffield is not a good school for kids because of the things going on and the things they allow to go on,” said Hodges.

Memphis City Schools would not comment on either arrest because they are ongoing legal issues. But Hodges wants answers.

“They should step out and tell us what’s going on,” Hodges told abc24.com. “How did he even get the job? And it’s been going on for a year, I’m quite sure that somebody knows what’s been going on.”

This isn’t Miller’s first brush with the law, in March, 2011, he was arrested for domestic assault. An ex-boyfriend accused him of pushing, hitting and biting him. The case was later dismissed. Miller requested to be released on his own recognizance, but was denied. He is scheduled back in court at the end of November, 2011.

Memphis Police told abc24.com none of Miller’s alleged victim’s were his students.




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