Texas police officer placed on leave for allegedly using excessive force after kneeing and cursing teen in video

PUBLISHED: 15:14 EST, 26 November 2012 | UPDATED: 16:34 EST, 26 November 2012
Two Texas police officers are under investigation for using excessive force after they were caught on video tackling, kneeing and cursing a teen during an arrest.

In the video, a Hurst, Texas police officer is seen charging 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez, who was already in police custody, threatening him, ‘Move and you f***ing die.’
With Rodriguez already pinned to the ground, the police officer is shown rushing in and kneeing the teen in the neck, while screaming profanities.

copStruggle: According to police reports, Rodriguez resisted arrest and struggled with the initial arresting officer, seen here
downDown: In the video, officer Disraeli Arnold is seen rushing in to view after Mr Rodriguez is in police custody

kneePounce: Officer Disraeli Arnold is seen here pouncing on Mr Rodriguez, already in placed custody by the initial arresting
Knee: Officer Disraeli Arnold his knee into the teen’s neck

Police say that Andrew Rodriguez, 17, resisted arrest when they tried to take him into custody on an old trespassing warrant, his mother Kelly Pope told NBC.
Ms Pope filed a complaint with the police department, and the department released a statement saying it would investigate claims
So far, only officer Disraeli Arnold, a four-year veteran who taunted and mugged for the camera, has been placed on administrative leave during what the police department’s ongoing internal affairs investigation.
‘He knows he handled it badly at first, that he should have been a little more cooperative,’ said Pope. ‘[The officer] comes up at a jolting sprint, kneed him right in the back of the head and as you can see on the video and says, ‘If you move I’m gonna bleep bleep kill you” Pope said, describing the video.

namesCustody: Two Hurst, Texas officers escort Mr Rodriguez from the park where he was arrested


thugMug: Officer Disraeli Arnold taunts and mocks Mr Rodriguez’s friend as he tapes the arrest with his cellphone

faceClose: ‘Arnold 654,’ Mr Arnold says, as he menacingly provides his last name and badge number

The officer, who identified himself on the video as “Arnold 654,” also used a gay slur after the teen used it.
‘This is not behavior that the city of Hurst promotes or condones in any way,’ said the Hurst Police in a statement to NBC Fort Worth.

‘We strive to build a stronger, safer community through our work around the city and will continue to do so through appropriate action.  The incident will be investigated internally.’
‘He’s okay,’ Pope said about her son. ‘He doesn’t want any part of anything. He’s a little embarrassed.’

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