Twin Sisters Divided Over Occupy Wall Street

  • Twin Sisters Divided Over Occupy Wall St. (ABC News)

    Twin Sisters Divided Over Occupy Wall St. (ABC News)


Growing up, twin sisters Nicole and Jill Carty had a lot in common.

But around the age of 14, Nicole Carty told ABC News today, they started going in different directions — and they never stopped, with Nicole Carty attending Brown University for a degree in sociology and Jill Carty heading to the University of Pennsylvania to pursue degrees in international business and studies.

Now with the Occupy Wall Street movement more than a month old, the recent Ivy League graduates have found themselves on Wall Street but on opposing sides.

Nicole Carty, who works for a television station, spends her free time in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street’s headquarters, organizing general assembly meetings for the demonstrators.

Jill Carty works for a company that assists financial service  clients. She said although she agreed with some of the protesters’ sentiments, she did not support more government regulations and intervention.

“I feel that’s what’s gotten us into this mess in the first place,” she told ABC News Wednesday. “There are always unintended consequences with government intervention.”

She said it was no secret among her family that she and Nicole Carty had different views on Occupy Wall Street and its message.


“I’d be very much more pleased if she [Nicole Carty] would be able to come up with solutions to these problems [voiced by protesters] that use the tools of the country and the world like economics and things that I feel have potential really to change the way that things work and the way people behave,” Jill Carty said.


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