UC Irvine student gets hate note saying "Go back 2 Africa slave": Called N-word

Local mother expresses concern after hate note sent to daughter at UC Irvine

School investigating incident

Posted: 05/09/2013
Last Updated: 2 days ago

SAN DIEGO – Words of hate scribbled on a note have the mother of a college student fearing for her daughter’s safety.
San Diegan Stephanie Lyons told 10News a note was slipped under her daughter’s dorm room door at UC Irvine Tuesday night.
“If they were brave enough to put that note there, who knows what extent they’ll go to next time,” Stephanie Lyons said.
According to Lyons, the note read, “… Go back 2 Africa slave …”
Lyons’ daughter, Charity, is a freshman at the school on an academic scholarship and a member of the school’s track team.
Lyons said last week an Asian student called Charity the N word. In addition, last week, an Asian fraternity at the campus was shut down for a year over a blackface video.
UC Irvine spokeswoman Cathy Lawhon told 10News the school is still investigating the fraternity and the note to Charity Lyons.
“It’s an indication that we have some work to do in helping our students and our entire campus community understand and value the differences we have,” said Lawhon.
Lawhon would not comment on whether racism, specifically between Asians and African-Americans, is a problem on campus.
Lyons said she wants her daughter, who is one the Dean’s List, to transfer to another campus.
“I hurt for my daughter because I feel like we should be past this and there’s no justification for them to be mean and be like this,” said Lyons.
Lyons told 10News the note is in the hands of school investigators.


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