VIDEO: Former Rapper Craig Mack Joins a Religious Cult

: Shortly after leaving Diddy, rapper MASE became a DEVOUT Christian. Rapper LOON became a DEVOUT MUSLIM after leaving Diddy. And Shyne became an ORTHODOX HASIDIC JEW.
Now can EXCLUSIVELY report that Bad Boy artist CRAIG MACK is a member of a South Carolina CULT. The Flavor in Your Ear artist is currently LIVING IN A COMPOUND run by Brother R. G. Stair, or simply Brother Stair, an 82 year old American radio preacher based in Walterboro, South Carolina.
Brother Stair is a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER who was charged with RAPING two young women on the compound. spoke with to members of Craig Mack’s family, and they are “VERY UPSET” that Craig chose to live in such circumstances.
Don’t believe us … listen to this. Member of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXPLOSIVE report. We spent THOUSANDS of dollars in time and man hours on this report, and we DESERVE CREDIT for breaking it. Feel free to embed the below audio with any stories you use.
If any media member that does not give us credit, we will NEVER credit you or link to you ever.

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