Wheelchair-bound girl, 8, remains trapped inside apartment 4 months after Sandy hit

PUBLISHED: 18:31 EST, 1 March 2013 | UPDATED: 18:31 EST, 1 March 2013
For Coney Island’s Schania Burgess, her apartment is the world.
Burgess, 8, is in a wheelchair and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy she has been stuck in her apartment for months.
The elevators in their high-rise building have been out for months, leaving her trapped on the third floor.

BurgessTrapped: Schania Burgess, 8, has been stuck in her apartment since Hurricane Sandy as her wheelchair cannot go down the stairs and there is no elevator service
BurgessHome-school: As Burgess cannot leave to go to class, an instructor has been bringing lessons to the apartment

She has not been able to attend school. Instead, an instructor is sent to home-school her.
She misses her friends and art class the most.
Her mother, Scherry Barnett, said it’s been a horribly frustrating experience.

BurgessIsolated: Burgess misses her friends and art class the most
BurgessOut of order: Elevator service in Burgess’ high-rise has been out since Sandy hit and management has refused to explain the wait

‘As you could see, she’s in a in a wheelchair. You have to take her down the steps if you want to go outside and since the storm, like I said, she has not been outside at all,’ she told CBS 2.
Sadly, the apartment is also duplex with the beds downstairs.
Schania has been forced to sleep on a cot next to the kitchen.

Barnett Fed up: Mother Scherry Barnett said she’s sick of the building and wants to move her family somewhere new

Scherry said the experience has made her fed up with the building and she now wants to move somewhere ‘barrier free.’
CBS 2’s calls to building management as to why the elevator had not been fixed were not returned, and a security guard asked reporters to leave the premises.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2286804/Wheelchair-bound-girl-8-remains-trapped-inside-apartment-4-months-Sandy-hit.html#ixzz2MQJWfArr

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