Callers Use C-SPAN Civil Rights Discussion To Complain About White Oppression (VIDEO)



TOM KLUDT – JULY 4, 2014, 12:19 PM EDT

When C-SPAN invited viewers on Thursday to offer their thoughts on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, a handful of individuals used the opportunity to lament white oppression.

“Washington Journal” host Steve Scully listened as an “independent” caller named Thomas from Maryland told him that he is “much less liberal today” than he was in 1964 when the landmark law was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson.

“And I think the blacks have brought on most of their present-day problems themselves. They insult white people,” he told Scully. “I heard it right on your own show, I heard some black call Karl Rove a ‘white boy.’ And I don’t think that’s right. They’re attacking white people in the big cities and we’re supposed to put up with that kind of stuff and like them and say, ‘Well, come into our neighborhood.’ And how about the discussion of the black crime that goes on in this country?”

The caller went on to complain that the discrimination endured by Irish, Mormons and Italians is widely ignored.

“You people will never, never discuss that. You only discuss the discrimination against the black people,” he said.

Scully asked the caller if he had faced discrimination himself.

“Yes, I have felt discrimination in my life. Yes, because I am of Irish descent I have felt it,” he said.

Later, Scully read a tweet from Danny who said that the “racists are those who set out to destroy the nation’s white identity, that is racist.”

And Scully eventually heard from two consecutive callers who each said that white guys are getting a bum rap. First up was Joe in Ohio, who said there is a “war on white men in this country from liberal white women that claim there is a war against women.”

“No country has ever created more things for the betterment of mankind’s living than the caucasian race that came from Europe and I’m sick and tired as an octogenarian hearing all this bad-mouthing of white people,” he said.

He continued:

“And I think it’s time for white men to start standing up because there’s all kinds of groups for other races. And I think it’s time for white pride. We have built this country — Irish, Italians, Germans…Irish, wherever they have come from in Europe. No country in the world has produced what the white man has produced for every culture and race in America.”

Immediately after that call, Terry in North Carolina phoned-in to say he agreed.

“I’m kind of like that last guy. The white man has done more for the black man in this country — I think the black man owes the white man a thank you,” he said.

“OK, Terry from North Carolina,” Scully said.

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