Woman Goes To Identify Mother At Morgue, Discovers She’s Actually Still Alive


Here’s kind of a good news/bad news type of story.

In Brazil, a young woman was called in to identify the body of her mother. When they brought the body out, Rosangela Celestrino got wonderful good news; her mother was actually still alive! The bad news? This means she was stuck in a refrigerated morgue drawer for two hours.

This actually happened last Friday in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Celestrino says she “went to kiss my mom, and she was breathing. I began to scream, ‘My mom is alive!’ and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.” Yikes! Disturbing day for everyone. Including the doctors.

From ABC News:

“At 7:20 p.m. last Friday, a nurse at the hospital called the on-call doctor when she saw that Celestrino de Assis was not showing any signs of life. The doctor ran some tests, pronounced her dead and had her taken to the morgue. At 10 p.m., when her daughter found her alive, Celestrino de Assis was returned to the intensive care unit.

‘She made some sort of movement and was immediately taken to the ICU, intubated again and put on a respirator,’ hospital director Manoel Moreira Filho told O Globo.”

Unsurprisingly, the doctor and nurse who mistakenly decided the 60 year old woman was dead are now out of a job.



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