Wonders of the African World – Episode 1 & 2 – Black Kingdoms of the Nile & The Swahili Coast

Black Kingdoms of the Nile

Gates embarks on an epic journey through Egypt and Sudan in search of ancient Nubia — an ancient African civilization which once rivaled Egypt. Pyramids, ruined temples and royal tombs survive the deserts of Sudan. And along the Nile lie the ruins of an ancient Nubian capital the oldest city so far uncovered in the whole of Africa.

The Swahili Coast

Gates travels along the palm-fringed coast of Kenya and Tanzania and on to the legendary island of Zanzibar. The journey presents an intriguing historical puzzle: Who are the Swahili people? Are they Truly African? On the idyllic island of Lamu, Gates finds people proud of their Arab ancestry only, believing their civilization owes little to Africa. On Zanzibar, two encounters — one with the Canon of the Anglican Cathedral and the other with a black descendant of Zanzibar’s most notorious slave traders — give him an insight into the Swahilis’ troubled and bloody history.

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