ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Nov. 29. mob estimated at 9,000 persons, many of them wildly-laughing women, defied a tear gas barrage from officers and a national guard tank corp protecting the Buchanan county here early today and lynched a 19-year-old Negro, who had confessed to attacking a white girt. Gasoline was thrown on the Btia breathiner badv of Lloyd Warner, the victim, as it swayed eight feet nbove pavement oi a down town intersection.

An approving roar wont up from the maddened throng as flames flashed into the night. Tt was the second outbreak of mob violence in widely separated parts of country since the lynching or two white men for the Hart kidnaping in California Sunday night. As in California, the nub battered the jail doors with a long section of heavy pipe. Police chief Enos said today made uo arre.-t r.nd that he had clues as to the identity of the mob leaders. When the Negro was surrendered the mob by Sheriff Otto Theisan but one thin door remained betweeii the prisoner and those seeking his life.

The battle had waged for five hours and defending officers tear gas was exhausted. Theisen said he feared for the lives oi lu otner negroes and 60 white prisoners confined in the jail. The Negro’s victim, a Jewess, 21 years old, was in a hospital here” ift critical condition. The attack” which occurred Sunday night became known after Warner’s confession lata yesterday. She will be mutilated for life if she recovers, physicians said.

Her namd was withheld by agreement. National Guards Summoned Gov. “Guy B. Park tried strenuously to save Warner. National guards men summoned from nearby cities to reenforce the St.

Joseph Tank Company arrived too late to help. The governor and Attorney General Roy McKittrick said a thorough investigation would be made today. St. Joseph authorities nowever planned no action against the moh or its leaders. Tho mob started forming about 5 p.

m. yesterday. At first they were good natured. The sheriff talked 10 them, calling them by name. le feared no serious trouble.

Three hours later the crowd num bered several thousands and deter mined leaders moved the jail, lhe mob had grown to 10.000 when the sheriff was forced to surrender his prisoner. He slipped out the back door to address the mob. The mob cheered wildly when the sheriff said, “Boys, I know when I’m licked.” “Burned Him Alive” A. M. Olmsted in an article writ- ‘ ten for the United Press said “they didn’t hang Lloyd Warner, they burned him alive.

1 saw it all iront start to finish. “The Negro clinging to every od- ject he could reach, tried to hold himself back. Warner was araggeu a block toward the center of town to a small tree across from the Hotel Robidcux. “They tied a heavy rope, I believe it was an inch and a quarter rope, around his neck, But for a hanging, the job was bungled. “It was tied so that it only trvetf his head back instead of forward sc as to break his neck.He hung ttare struggling as the crowd yelled. Laughter rang out on all side- Men hmeityh kt i th mbcmfvyp i:io m and women leaned calmly o gainst high buildings witnessing the horrible sight. “Warner wanted to talk but they wouldn’t let him. I tried to push through to get his statement but failed. I could only hear a mumble.”Then someone ran across the street, got several gallons of gasoline from a filling station. Warner. had on pants, shoe asnd socks which they drenched and set fire. I think Warner still was conscious. I know he was still alive.

He was burned alive. He dfdn’t cry out. The fire went out. More gas was thrown on him and lighted again. Tnt n the rope burned in two.

lAs the body slumped, wood was piled around. The firt was lighted a third tme.”.

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